Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fabric organization

If your craft room is anything like mine, You have fabric in every nook and cranny that you can find. Closets, drawers, shelves, baskets, bags, um, you get the picture. This has slowly but surely driven me to the point that I have got to find somewhere to store it in a nice folded ORGANIZED manner. As I'm scouring the internet trying to find a solution, a friends recommendation came to mind. Here are the items you will need:
iron/ironing board
6x24 clear ruler
pATIENCE lots of patience :)

Whenever I buy fabric, 1st thing I do when I bring it home is wash and dry it without fabric softner. I never really made a point to iron and fold it because It was way too much for me to handle, but this weekend, there was too much cute fabric not to iron, fold and stack. So, after washing and drying your fabric, dump it in a clothes basket and set up your iron. I always use the steam setting for this part:)

Most of my fabric looks like this when I take it out of the dryer. So get your piece of fabric and spread it out on your ironing board.

At this point, I like to get my scissors and cut off all the frayed ends and knots on my fabric. It will look so pretty at the end. Just wait and see :)

Iron your fabric so it is all nice and pretty like this. Now you are ready to start folding. I have a ruler that is 6"X25". This is PERFECT for folding small lengths of fabric. Allign the ruler up with the end of the fabric and start folding the fabric on the ruler. Just turn the ruler as you go. If my fabric is more than 24 inches wide, I normally fold it in half so it will be easier to fold.

You will end up with something about like this. After you are done folding the fabric, slide the ruler out and fold the fabric into 3rds. It makes a pretty square.

I have found that these little squres stack so nicely on my shelves. Sort them by color and stack them nice and neatly on your shelves.

I have a ton more to go, but this will at least get your started. I am now addicted to ironing, folding and stacking! I hope this will give you a little inspiration to get that fabric organized and looking pretty. It is so nice to know what fabric I have and be able to find it without digging through all of my stuff.

I will post an after pic as soon as I get all of my fabric sorted and stacked.